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Welcome to Angry Robots Attack, the home of independent game developers Josh Liao and Liezl Buenaventura. This is our little corner of the internet where you can read about our latest game ideas, the contests we join, and play some of our finished work.


January 31, 2011:
As the Manila Game Jam draws to a close, we wish to thank IGDA Manila, the sponsors, and the UP ITTC for a smooth, successful jam!

It was the first time we'd joined the Global Game Jam, the first time we'd actually completed a game together, and the first time we won a game development prize!

It was a crazy weekend, filled with a lot of firsts for both of us. We both learned a lot about game-making because the pressure was immense and the competition was fierce, and we were truly inspired by the level of quality present throughout the jam.

We've already started on the regular version of Bunnypocalypse (we fell shy of our original number of levels), so watch out for the regular release on February 28, 2011! It'll have more pages, puzzles, and plot.

This is only the beginning!
-Josh and Lizz